james alexander wyness






I’m interested in music as an exploration of sound over sign, as an investigation into sound’s complexity and materiality. This includes considerations of morphogenesis, the growth and decay of sound streams and their forms, details of their trajectories, relative densities and shifting textures, experiments with the catastrophic behaviours and abstractions of electroacoustic and electronically generated sonic structures, the behaviour and impact of sound in space. My music is intended as a profound meditation on the wider experimental electroacoustic project, asking questions of generic categories such as noise, minimalism, ambient and industrial music, of experimental sonic art, abstraction and representation, and of sound’s phenomenology.

I’ve spent many years designing, making, recording and playing simple acoustic instruments to be prepared and amplified. My research into creating new digital instruments is informed by histories of computer music and music technology, by the application of unstable chaotic (noise) functions and by stochastic, generative and algorithmic (probabilistic) procedures applied to the many levels of musical composition and performance.

For several years I’ve been working with Italian composer and researcher Giancarlo Toniutti towards a collaborative publication, a dialogue, which explores a host of topics around the theory and practices of music and sound art, drawing on perspectives from fields such as anthropology, evolutionary biology, the physical sciences and cultural theory.


I'm an independent experimental musician and researcher based in Scotland. My solo work encompasses live electroacoustic music performance, instrumental free improvisation, electroacoustic and electronic music composition, digital and acoustic instrument building. I regularly collaborate with musicians and artists of other disciplines, from moving image makers to choreographers and movement specialists. My work has been performed and presented internationally. I’ve been a recipient of numerous awards and commissions and have worked as a resident artist both nationally and internationally. I have an MA(Hons) in French Studies and a PhD in Composition from the University of Aberdeen.


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